fibi & clo Fridays in flats!

Casual Fridays don’t have to be so casual, especially if you jazz it up with statement-making shoes that are comfortable, yet fashionable. I’m a big believer in jeans, and sometimes all you need is a little something to dress them up. For any of you having a shoe party this weekend, please send us your pics! In the meantime, here’s some casual Friday in flats inspiration.

Happy weekend!




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fibi & clo has been getting a lot of attention from TV, magazines and the blogosphere. As the weather turns warm, everybody’s thoughts naturally turn to what they’re going to wear. We are extremely grateful to the curators, editors and trendsetters who have given us their “Spring endorsement.” When you write about us we share your blog with our over 12K followers on our Facebook page, as well as through our newsletter that goes out to more than 30K subscribers. Thank you so much for helping us spread the word about our brand and the fact that we are the only company to offer exciting shoe parties! We are extremely grateful.


fibi & clo

fibi & clo in the news!

fibi & clo in the news!

fibi & clo CEO, Michael Leen, was recently invited to appear on morning shows in Arizona and Nevada. Michael explains the ground floor opportunity fibi & clo offers, as well as shares stories about the company’s very first shoe party.

Here is the link!

Thank you to the cast and crew of both Morning shows. You guys were awesome!

Oscar Recap: The laughter. The tears. The dresses!

I laughed. I cried. I loved…everything about last night’s Academy Awards Show. First of all, Ellen Degeneres is one of my absolute faves when it comes to hosting. I mean come on, she should win an Oscar for BEST SELFIE. And she served pizza! Amazing. As far as the speeches, Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’o won best speech in my book. Not only are they remarkably incredible actors, but also thoughtful storytellers who were able to dive into their character’s pain and sadness to make viewers truly feel something. Bravo to them!

Bette Midler made me cry (Remember Beaches?!…sob). Matthew McConaughey made me proud (Hook ‘Em Horns). Alfonso Cuaron made me believe (no matter how long it takes your dreams to become reality…patience is key). Sidney Poitier made me feel inspired. Pharrell made me happy. And Jennifer Lawrence made me smile because gosh darnit she proves that you don’t have to be perfect to be perfect at what you do.

And last but not least…my favorite gowns of the night!!!

I’d like to start with my #1 FAVORITE…Kate Hudson in Versace. OMG. Everything. OMG.


My 2nd Favorite…Lupita Nyong’o in Prada. She always gets it right. Always.


Next up…Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive. Classy and Sparkly. Enough said.


And…yes…Lady Gaga in Versace was another favorite. The color. The detail. The pattern. LOVE.


Chrissy Teigen in Monique Lhuillier. Pink petals and pockets. SOLD.


And finally…Amy Adams in Gucci. Sometimes simple elegance speaks louder than anything and she simply nailed it.


NEW f&c baubles and bling!

Ladies, call your fashion agent and get a party in the books asap because you HAVE to see these in person. I’m sooooo excited to share our new baubles with you! This year, I decided to experiment a little more with color, and I’m happy to report that 2014 will be a colorful one. With all the new Spring frocks popping up in stores now, these pieces will compliment anything from tanks and jeans to dresses and skirts. I hope you love them, and please let me know what colors YOU would love to see more of. More to come!



The SoHo Necklace…Shades of pale pink, dusty lavender gray and smoke make this stunner a subtle, yet substantial statement piece.


The TriBeCa Necklace…Nothing welcomes Spring more than happy neon, bright cobalt and legendary turquiose! The amber and clear rhinestones finish this piece off for just the right balance of pretty and pop.


The Bowery Necklace…Adorned with half moon flowers of smoke and clear rhinestones, this beauty is a jewelry box staple.


The Nolita and LES Bracelets…The beauty of this bauble? It has both bling and beads in one! Stack ‘em on for even more blingy fun.



You can find AnaLiza’s entire interview here:


Let’s face it ladies, sometimes the workplace feels like it’s stacked against us. It’s rare to see women in upper management positions, and when we also carry titles like wife, mom, daughter, best friend etc., it can sometimes feel downright tiring at just the thought of succeeding at work. So I made it my personal mission to give some thought to how to make it beautifully effortless, and after sharing it with many female friends who I admire, I’m ready to share it with you.

In the last decade, I have been very fortunate in my advertising career, and with building my business. I owe these blessings to the extremely successful businesswomen and men, my mentors along the way, who have shared insights and tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur. What I learned was that in addition to learning how to build a business from scratch, I also formed life lessons. They may seem simple, but everything in life is actually simple when you break it down in steps. The challenge is applying these lessons on a weekly and daily basis. But I truly believe that with the right tools and knowledge, you can do anything.


AnaLiza Alba Leen is an Advertising Creative Director at Arnold Worldwide. She has worked on accounts such as Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, Nexxus Salon Hair Care and Hershey’s. She has also successfully launched a direct sales company that specializes in shoes and accessories. Her company, fibi & clo, has grown to over 1000 agents nationwide. fibi & clo has successfully sold and distributed over 60,000 sandals, and continues to grow every day. For more information, please visit


Planning and discussing are integral to any successful enterprise, but all too often I have seen this preliminary stage paralyze great business ideas because people get trapped in the quicksand of planning. My husband and I had no idea what fibi & clo would become. We also had absolutely no experience in direct sales. What we did know is that we have a dream and an amazing product. So what we did was make 100 sandals and throw a party. From idea to execution took 30 days. That first party sold every single pair we had, and we knew we had something special. This first success empowered us to continue along the entrepreneurial path. The best way to know if an idea is good is by sharing it and getting honest feedback from those you trust. So do sufficient homework, and don’t be scared to hold focus groups or to try and sell a preliminary product. It’s the fastest way to find out if your idea has legs or not.


I have been drawn to creative fields my whole life, and I have always dreamed of having my own runway show, or owning a large creative business with hundreds of employees. But even Ralph Lauren had to start somewhere. In advertising, I started with an internship at a small agency in Austin and eventually one in New York City, and for fibi & clo I designed one shoe and had a small shoe party. Small steps lead to big successes. Never lose sight of your dreams, but figure out a small, reasonable way to start now.


My To-DO lists are like a map. I would never drive from NYC to Austin without a GPS or road map, and I wouldn’t attempt a career or build a business without a TO-DO list. I actually have 3. A daily, a yearly and a life TO-DO list. These lists constantly change as well. Each month, I take a look at my yearly and life lists and I evaluate my progress toward those goals. If I see one is no longer relevant, I take it off, and if I see other opportunities, I put them on. This is the same practice I do at the end of each day with my daily list. And don’t worry ladies, you can make your daily TO-DO lists in your head if you want. I do all the time.

 Lists give structure, and without structure you go in circles.


 When I create a goal with fibi & clo, I give myself a finish date. And I tell myself if I don’t get it done by that date, then it’s effectively me telling myself I don’t want it bad enough.

 Be realistic with your deadlines for your goals, but treat them as sacred. If you approach a deadline and the work is nowhere near complete. Either you hustle or you evaluate whether your goals still carry the same meaning for you.  You won’t always meet every deadline, but if you keep them sacred, you will usually get the job done.

I remember when we were launching our e-commerce site for fibi & clo, we were running way behind schedule. I wanted the site to be perfect, but in order to keep my word to my Agents, and to prove to myself I could deliver, I had to drop some fancy features from the site. I was able to launch the site as promised, and the reception was well received. Those fancy features did nothing for the effectiveness of the site, and we added them on later. Don’t let a deadline slip you by because of excuses or delays. Find a way to deliver.


For my advertising job, I recently attended the 3% Conference in San Francisco (a conference aimed to educate and up the female/male ratio for Creative Directors in advertising). It’s no secret that advertising is a boys club. Out of all the Creative Directors in the world, only 3% of those positions are held by women. Shocking, right?

The 3% Conference, and other networking events that may be held in a smaller scale in your community, are wonderful ways to meet new people and get inspiration from their accomplishments. I love hanging out with brilliant women because I really believe that when you surround yourself with ambitious people who compel you to strive farther and higher, you’ll succeed too. It’s not a competition. It’s about learning, growing and empowering each other. Networking events are a great opportunity to do this.

You also never know if that new person you met could be the in to a new job, or a future customer for your product and/or service. Or vice versa, you might meet someone who will be your next brilliant intern. Either way, go to as many events as you can.


This may be the most important step, and I don’t just mean physical health. Stay healthy also means emotionally and spiritually as well. Pursuing your dreams is not easy, and can feel downright scary or intimidating. Be sure to take time out of your day to talk with inspiring people, or to read an inspiring book. Take time to step back and reflect on why you’re doing what you’re doing. People sometimes forget what their initial dream was to begin with. Take time to continually remember your dream, and this will keep your inner fire lit.

Also be sure to work out 3-5 times a week. What’s the point of achieving success if you are too fatigued or unhealthy to enjoy it. I also find that I can work through problems, or find new inspiration, when I’m going after it at the gym. Health is everything, and you want to be well to do well.


Sometimes it’s easy to be negative or get down on yourself or others, but I’ve found that being appreciative always makes you feel good. Any success you achieve is not only the result of your hard work, it is also due to any support network you have, the customers who are buying your products, the employees that put in the long hours for you, or the coworkers that believe in you and help you meet deadlines. Be sure to give A LOT of thanks along the way and let people know you appreciate and value them.  

Over the past two years it has taken to build fibi & clo, we always make time to tell our Fashion Agents and customers how much we appreciate their support. We have managed to get through many lows because our customers and Fashion Agents have stuck with us. We always find ways to let them know how much we appreciate them, and that’s a lot to be thankful for.

Are you craving Spring?!

Ok, I walked outside this morning and it was rainy, cold and windy. Spring just doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight here in NYC. So if you’re lucky enough to feel the sun today, soak it up for me! For the rest of us gals, we’ll just have to dream. And what better way to dream than in delicious colors from Tory Burch’s Spring Collection. I hope these colors (paired with all my favorite sandals) help wet your palette for the sunny days to come!

Sun Cascade from fibi & clo paired with a bright sunny yellow. This makes me happy!

seastar final

To give your fibi & clo Navy Positano’s a punch, add bold red or coral accents to your outfit. Delicious!

positano final

The Alexandra comes with gunmetal or gold bling snaps. This yellow, gold, black, creme color scheme calls for either.

alex final

Next up…the Capri Wedge. This is a fave because this style goes with any color in your wardrobe! Make sure you pack this in your vacation bag. You can wear this shoe with anything day or night, and you’ll always look comfortable and stylish.


The Sahara Wedge makes neutral tastier, especially if you pair it with a pop color like a royal blue.

sahara final

And last but not least, the oh-so-cravable Sun Cascade. I’d wear this with absolutely any color but pairing it with red, navy, gold, black & creme and I love it even more. I also love that the outfit has shimmer. Don’t be afraid to sparkle everywhere.

sunburst final

Hope everyone has a sparkling weekend!




“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future… this is known as Fashion Week.”

-Carrie Bradshaw

And ladies and gentlemen, I’m excited to report…the future is looking pretty darn dazzling! Models are leaving their sparkle all over the runways this week. Maybe it’s the brutal winter we’ve all encountered. Maybe it’s because they just know we can’t wait to wear our fibi & clo’s ;-) Regardless, the hottest designers couldn’t get enough sparkle and neither can we! Let’s take a look at some of my faves so far…

Monique Lhuillier…you are simply a creative genius. I love the elegance of all black bling, plus the cutout on top is to die for. And the way she effortlessly pairs lace boots (yes LACE BOOTS!!) with an intricately detailed beaded dress….perfection.


Next up…My other go-to favorite that NAILS IT EVERY TIME…Mara Hoffman. I was lucky enough (thanks to my friend, Dana) to get to see these in person and they truly are works of art. Inspired by Northern Africa, the detailed beadwork and the way she crafted her color story makes me want to throw off my boots, throw on a Mara dress and get outta town right now! She makes bling look beautiful always. Swoon.



Jason Wu – should just change his name to Jason Wow. Metallics and velvet set the scene and I want it all. He knows how to dress a woman. Wow, Wu, Wow.



My next favorite…Prabal Gurung. Bright. Blingy. Bold. Boom.



And last but not least..Herve Leger. While I’m not one to wear the body-hugging Herve dresses, these are pretty rad and have somewhat of a structured flow. Coupled with the beadwork and metallics, I think we’re in fibi & clo zone so I gotta love it, and I did.



What were some of your favorites from Fashion Week 2014?!



February Hostess Only Incentive

February Hostess Only Incentive

For the first time, fibi & clo will be offering a small batch, limited edition hostess incentives. This beautiful necklace is priced at $99.50, but is available free to any hostess who has a shoe party where $600 or more in sales occur (full priced shoes and sandals). Each necklace is hand curated by our designer, AnaLiza Alba Leen.

Hostesses may also choose a necklace from the January options. Be sure to check availability of the hostess incentive prior to your show. Necklaces are based on a first comer first served basis. Each necklace is limited to no more than 30 pieces. Be the only people in your community to own this spectacular necklace.


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