How do you find balance for your body?

So, this weekend, I decided to check out the New Museum on Bowery. ( The current exhibition is called Skin Fruit: Selections from the Dakis Joannou Collection. It sounded interesting enough PLUS it’s contemporary art, which is more up my alley anyway. The title is a nod to topics such as genesis, evolution, original sin, and sexuality. According to Koons, the words “skin” and “fruit” “evoke the tensions between interior and exterior, between what we see and what we consume.” Boy did it evoke quite a bit. I saw it all…everything from two monkeys created to depict the artists themselves, to an intestine that was about 20 feet long. Marble sculptures depicted to look like white cloths over dead bodies, statues of a couple satisfying not each other, but themselves, and an actor who actually hangs on a cross every day at 3 pm. Fortunately, for him, he gets off the cross as soon as he tires.

But my favorite was the One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank – a basketball suspended beautifully and quite gracefully in a tank of fluid. It actually summed up the whole exhibition for me. Yes, we put our bodies through a lot. Yes, we take advantage of the things our bodies can do. And yes, we should be aware of the blessing that is our body. But in the end, how can we find balance for our body? Someone once told me, “Our body is a temple, and should be treated as such.” We can eat right, yet we can still indulge every now and then. And we can workout, which isn’t always easy in today’s busy world, but we can find time. In the end, though, we are each in charge of our own body, and how we balance it is up to each unique individual. But while you’re in this quest for body balance, please promise me one thing; you’ll always find a way to dress your “temple” appropriately and fashionably.

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