Everyone needs a lazy Austin afternoon once in a while.

Michael and I were able to take a day off on Monday to just relax, enjoy Austin, and appreciate the local businesses. South Congress has developed so much since I moved in 2004, so I like to hang out and take it all in when I’m there. The first stop was lunch at Snack Bar. I delighted my palette with a pulled pork bbq sandwich. Snack Bar isn’t a bbq joint, but like most Texas restuarants, you’re sure to find a BBQ something on the menu. Here is a pic of my fibi & clo’s finally taking a break too!

Every good meal must come to an end, but it’s really just the beginning of a great dessert. For the 2nd stop, we jaywalked across the street over to my favorite ice-cream place of all time, Amy’s Ice Cream.

The mexican vanilla is the absolute best hands down! We were trying to be healthy so when I inquired about the yogurt options and she said mexican vanilla, you can imagine my excitement. But then, we contradicted  it by putting crushed OREO’s on top. Overall, though, the yogurt doesn’t even compare to the ice cream and it was a bad call. Next time, I’m going all the way and getting just the ice cream! See pic below and note, we shared this!

For our last stop in downtown heaven, we jaywalked back across the street to Jo’s coffee. This is Michael’s favorite Austin coffee shop.The coffee is brilliantly brewed, the vibe is quaint and cool. And the people who work there are rad. It’s a must-see if you’re in Austin. Till next time, dear home. Oh, and Hook ‘Em Horns!

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