Thank you to my beautiful hostess’ Belinda, Laura, & Jana!

This weekend, I had two fibi & clo trunk shows hosted by three fabulous ladies. The first show was at Belinda’s in Austin. She had quite the crowd and an amazing food spread. We had a blast! I can’t decide what was tastier: the sausage, egg, cheese and potato scramble or the yummy dessert bar with chocolate cake and fruit! And Belinda was just as sweet.

After the morning show in Austin, we packed up quickly and headed to San Antonio for Laura and Jana’s show. These gals know how to party and have fun, from the cocktails down to the “fibi & clo” themed cups with cat paws! These long-time friends were very thoughtful in their trunk-show planning. And I would also like to thank Laura’s son, Andrew, for keeping the ladies from going hungry or thirsty while they shopped ’till they dropped!

All in all, a great Saturday full of shoes, jewelry, and girl-talk. Thank you so much, ladies, for all your hospitality and for welcoming our fibi & clo crew into your home.

2 responses to “Thank you to my beautiful hostess’ Belinda, Laura, & Jana!

  1. Laura

    It was our pleasure. Your shoes are like jewelery for your feet.

  2. Belinda

    Thank you for introducing me and my friends to Fibi and Clo! You, Michael, Pat, and Elva are a pleasure to know and work with!

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