fibi & clo & dallas.

After a jam-packed weekend, followed by a crazy week at work, I’m finally able to chat for a minute about last weeks shows! The crew headed to Dallas to meet up with some friends of mine for over 10 years. What a blast we all had. Seeing Jamie & Jennifer’s babies made me feel overjoyed with happiness…what a blessing this new business has brought me, getting to do something I love while spending time with family and friends. And though it was a short visit, it was so worth it to laugh with them even if just for a couple of hours.

The second show was hosted by my dear friend, Misty. We were roommates freshman and sophomore year of college back when our dorm mom called me “Mitzy” and called her “Anne-Lisa”….Oh Miss Hill…has anyone heard if she’s still the dorm mom? Anyhoo, Misty is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and is now pursuing a career in event planning. She just started her own company! Check out her twitter page: As you can see from her beautiful pics, her talent speaks for itself. And a special thank you goes out to her mom, the sweet Carolyn Duncan, for making the most adorable custom-embroidered shoe bags ever. I can’t wait to go back to Dallas and see all my friends again! Go Cowboys!

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