The Queen of the Ball.

So, it’s been a while since I posted. Things start to get crazy busy and next thing you know, a month has passed you by. Today, however, is the perfect day for me to catch up on my blog again, and I’ll tell you why. My Tia Janie reminded me that it is my grandmother’s birthday today. If my grandmother were still alive, you better believe we would most certainly be having cake today. She loved pastel (spanish term for cake) more than anything. That must be where my sweet tooth comes from! But that’s not the only thing i inherited from her. I also mimic her unconditional love for her family, her love of cats, the innocent way she interrupted someone as they spoke, and finally, her love for getting dressed up every day.
When she was 14, she was crowned the Queen of the Ball. And what a beautiful queen she was! She always wore the most beautiful brooches. In fact, she had a different brooche for every outfit, and they all sparkled with rhinestones. In the future, I’m going to think of her brooches every time I need inspiration for fibi & clo. But today, as I reflect on all the memories of her beautiful life, I can’t help but smile knowing she’s looking down on me and smiling right back…especially when she sees me enjoying a piece of cake tonight in her honor.

Luz Alba, The Queen of the Ball. Her crown has her name on it!

I miss her so much.

3 responses to “The Queen of the Ball.

  1. Weli and I in 2003. We gave her a surprise visit, and after we took this picture, she immediately changed into her “going out” dress, which of course had…you guessed it, a coordinating brooche.

  2. Kerry

    Right there with you girl! i bet our abuelitas are playing dress-up in heaven together. Mine was the same way. She got dressed up everyday and had coordinating “everything”! I guess that’s where I got my love of beautiful pieces of jewerly and that’s why I love your shoes so much!!! Got a wonderful letter form you mom the other day with the business cards i asked for. Enjoy your cake!

  3. Tia Janie

    Let her sparkling brooches inspire you, and keep going with the perseverance you inherited from her.

    Would love to hear you say —– “Yeane!”

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