At the peak of perfection.

Yesterday, we set off early to explore Hong Kong. The beauty of this is that Michael has already been here a few times, so he knows all the hot spots, and how to get there efficiently, which is a huge advantage. It’s like hangin’ in New York with New Yorkers!
We had breakfast on the roof of our hotel and he gave me an overview of the land we were about to conquer. Hong Kong is really so beautiful. Imagine New York City but cleaner. Imagine it with an enormous lush mountain nestled right behind the cityscape. Now imagine ocean water on the other side. It has the grandiose of a big city with huge highrises, but it’s nestled between water and mountains. The mountain is called Victoria Peak. We took the Star Ferry to the Kowloon side and spent a majority of the day there seeing chotchkees(sp) walking around, oh and I got a shampoo and blowout for 11 bucks! Then we headed back to Hong Kong and made our way back to Victoria Peak. It’s breathtaking to say the least. I kept thinking, what a blessing this mountain is to this big city. As you bustle around between swarms of people, it’s a constant reminder of the beautiful land that is Mother Earth. We had dinner last night at the top at a place called Pearl on the Peak. If you ever find yourself here, I highly recommend it. It truly is the peak of perfection.
We are off to mainland China tonight, so there’s a chance I won’t have access to internet or email or facebook or blogging but I’m gonna see what I can swing 😉 stay tuned!
P.S. a couple of things I saw yesterday that will scar me for a while…cooked chicken heads and chicken feet!! Don’t worry, I took pics! xoxo

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