Eating Right to Look and Feel Your Best

You’ll often find fashion finds and tips on this blog, but for today I want to go a little deeper and explore another topic that’s close to my heart: eating! Yes, I’m talking about food!

What you eat has a profound impact on how you feel, look and carry yourself. And because I’m not a proponent of starving yourself, I like to seek out recipes that taste good and make you feel good too. You can look great and feel great at any size when you eat healthy. There’s a glow and sparkle in your eye, and a bounce in your step, when you eat tasty, yet nutritious foods.

An easy way to start controlling the types of foods you eat is through cookbooks. Without instructions, I can’t do anything in the kitchen. So I turned to my favorite chef, Thomas Keller’s book, Ad Hoc and got to work. While some options in this cookbook border on the decadent, there are a lot of healthy and quick options that can satisfy any taste bud. So get inspired, grab a cook book, and get your year started on the right foot. 




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