January Hostess Special!

For the first time, fibi & clo will be offering a small batch, limited edition hostess incentive. The below two necklaces are priced at $99.50, but are available free to any hostess who has a shoe party where $600 or more in sales occur. Each necklace was hand curated by our designer, AnaLiza Alba Leen.

The first necklace is a semi-precious agate stone set on a plated steel chain. Each agate is unique and different shades and shapes will occur from necklace to necklace.

The second necklace is one AnaLiza can’t stop wearing. This substantial necklace has over 60 top quality crystals, and is set on a plated steel casting and chain.



Supplies are limited. Offer only good for January. Qualified hostesses may pick one choice. Necklaces are only available to those who host a fibi & clo shoe party. For information on how to find an Agent, please email cs@fibiandclo.com.


5 responses to “January Hostess Special!

  1. Gorgeous! Now if only I can figure out how an agent can get these necklaces! I want one of each! 😉

  2. Deb

    WOW!!! They are beautiful!

  3. So gorgeous!…If I host an open house in January as a new Fashion agent and have sales over $600 am I eligible for the necklace?
    Donna Yellovich

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