Host a Party, Earn Free Shoes



The 2014 collection has been released, and you can see them for yourself by contacting a Fashion Agent near you. fibi & clo is not like a regular designer shoe company. We do not sell our shoes through traditional retail, such as through Bloomingdales or Nordstroms. We showcase our sandals through a nationwide network of talented independent Fashion Agents. The best way to view our sandals is by hosting your own shoe party!

There is nothing more fun than a shoe party. Gather your friends for drinks, shoes and fun. And earn free shoes by doing it! To find a Fashion Agent near you, please email us at

The 2014 collection was inspired by our designer’s most recent trip to Morocco.

“Every year I find great joy in seeking out special places that not only inspire me, but teach me about the culture via the experience. This year’s journey to Morocco took me through rows of Souks as far as the eye could see, vintage pieces rich in history, and a world of color to forever delight your eyes. I hope you love the 2014 line as much as I loved the path that led me to creating it.”

We look forward to sharing our company, and the 2014 collection with you. 

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