The tale of two hot chocolates!

The tale of two hot chocolates!

If you live anywhere north of the Maison Dixon line, chances are you’re buried in several inches of snow right now. And if you’re a sun worshipper like me, this can be downright miserable.

Take heart, because nothing fixes the cold blues like an amazing cup of hot chocolate. And since fibi & clo is based in two amazing cities, I will share my favorites in both.

New York City

I live in Manhattan, but the most amazing cup of Hot Chocolate can be found at Baked, in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Baked set out to be an the greatest American bakery without being just a cupcake shop. They nailed it and the hot chocolate is divine.


Today it’s a chilly 55 degrees in Austin. For us in NYC, that’s a tropical heat wave, but for Austinites, this weather is hot chocolate weather. Head over to Caffe Medici in the Austonian building for my favorite cup of hot chocolate.

What is your favorite spot? Please share in the comments below.


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