Are you craving Spring?!

Ok, I walked outside this morning and it was rainy, cold and windy. Spring just doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight here in NYC. So if you’re lucky enough to feel the sun today, soak it up for me! For the rest of us gals, we’ll just have to dream. And what better way to dream than in delicious colors from Tory Burch’s Spring Collection. I hope these colors (paired with all my favorite sandals) help wet your palette for the sunny days to come!

Sun Cascade from fibi & clo paired with a bright sunny yellow. This makes me happy!

seastar final

To give your fibi & clo Navy Positano’s a punch, add bold red or coral accents to your outfit. Delicious!

positano final

The Alexandra comes with gunmetal or gold bling snaps. This yellow, gold, black, creme color scheme calls for either.

alex final

Next up…the Capri Wedge. This is a fave because this style goes with any color in your wardrobe! Make sure you pack this in your vacation bag. You can wear this shoe with anything day or night, and you’ll always look comfortable and stylish.


The Sahara Wedge makes neutral tastier, especially if you pair it with a pop color like a royal blue.

sahara final

And last but not least, the oh-so-cravable Sun Cascade. I’d wear this with absolutely any color but pairing it with red, navy, gold, black & creme and I love it even more. I also love that the outfit has shimmer. Don’t be afraid to sparkle everywhere.

sunburst final

Hope everyone has a sparkling weekend!




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