fibi & clo gives over 500 sandals to charity for the month of June!




Thanks to all of our hostesses who threw a shoe party for us in June. Not only did you earn free sandals for yourself, you’ve enabled us to donate 500 pairs of sandals to our “Get Her On Her Feet” program.

Our goal for July is to give over 750 sandals. If you are interested in hosting a shoe party, please get in touch with your local fibi & clo Fashion Agent. 

Don’t have an Agent? No problem! Email us at and we can put you in touch with one.


3 responses to “fibi & clo gives over 500 sandals to charity for the month of June!

  1. ça c’est une superbe attention

  2. Linda Rocheleau


    I just had a home party on Friday evening and introduced the fibi & clo sandals to 25-30 of my friends. Although many of the ladies loved the designs, and were interested in purchasing the sandals several did not purchase a pair due to one or both of these factors: 1. Sandals are not available in half sizes and 2. the mate to the sandal was not available to try on.

    Like my sister Nancy said “shoes are like bras, you must try them on for the correct fit”.

    This feedback comes directly from me, and seven of my girlfriends who did not make a purchase.

    Thanks for listening.
    Linda Rocheleau

    • Thanks Linda. We supply all our Agents with a size run of the Smoke Cascade. This sandal has the same dimensions as all our other sandals. We also offer easy exchanges if a size does not work. Thank you for the feedback and for attending the party.

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