Agent Spotlight: Ana Ruiz

Agent Spotlight: Ana Ana Laura Fonseca-Ruiz from Edinburg, TX

We are very lucky to have Ana as a fibi & clo Fashion Agent. Not only is she dedicated, but she is brutally effective in spreading the word about fibi & clo. Some people say great salespeople are born, while others say they are made… I think both apply to Ana. She has an amazing innate skillset, but is willing to work and learn each day to become better. Also a shout out to Delia Aguirre Soto who Ana mentions. No one at fibi & clo succeeds alone, and we all need help. Thanks to all of you who help others become better versions of themselves. You all help me do that everyday.

1. How do you get motivated?

My motivation comes from within, making sure that my customers are always satisfied month after month. Also hearing “I love these sandals!” makes me already part of their life, and feel I can’t let them down. I also look out for new customers, neighbors, and vendor events on a weekly basis, and keeping in touch with my veteran buyers is a must on my list.

2. What is the single most important step you take in your fibi business?

I make sure that I post updated fibi pictures on my business page and tag everyone on it. It might sound like a lot of work but out of those 120 friends, I’ve booked parties, they have made individual purchases. or I have planted a seed of interest. I also wear them as much as I can along with carrying a tote to showcase on the spot wherever, whenever. I send a mass text to everyone that has purchased from me, once a month to let them know of upcoming sales, incentives or styles.

3. What piece of advice do you give to those that you mentor?

As a former elementary teacher, I believed in my students and their capacity to succeed as I do now with Fibi & Clo and its capacity to expand and continue to create beautiful sandals. Believe in what you’re doing and everything will fall into place.

4. How far in advance do you plan parties?

I plan my parties 1-3 weeks in advance, but sometimes the “next day party” turns out to be a success too. I always tell them I’m available any day, any time to showcase.

5. How has fibi & clo changed your life?

Fibi & Clo has clearly brought out the business women in me, and the walking advertisement that I didn’t know I could pull off, honestly. I have also gained an amazing friendship with fellow Fibi sister, Delia Soto, and having her less than 10 miles away is a blessing.


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