Training for new Ambassadors

Fibi Fest Group Shot

Welcome to the fibi & clo tribe. You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, but never fear, fibi & clo is very user friendly and our supportive community of Agents and customer service personnel are here to help you every step along the way. To get you started we’ve listed several videos that you should watch in order to navigate your personal office and to start off on the right foot.

Most important videos:

***How to create the perfect table display***

Personal Office Overview

How to open a support ticket and process a return/exchange/refund

How to place a personal sample/order

***How to set up a Shoe Party in the personal office***

How to check your order status

How to access and read your commission reports

More advanced but still very critical to be successful:

Basics for setting up a shoe party

How to properly size a customer’s foot (in-person and remotely)

Email Marketing 101

Utilizing Facebook to support your eBoutique sales and online parties

How to make a Facebook Page to support your business

How to coach your hostess to a super successful party

How to use Cinchshare to organize your posts and business on social

Turbo charge your business the first month. Presented by two top fibi sellers and leaders.

Videos from Fibi Fest about the current designs, future designs and a talk about the overall vision of the company.

AnaLiza’s design talk (Creative Director)

Michael Leen’s talk of the future of fibi & clo (CEO)

If you do have any questions that are not answered in these videos, please contact your upline. If you have a question regarding an order, and need to contact corporate, make sure to have the following information in your email.

Name, Order Number, Agent Number, Shoe Style in question, Specific issue you want addressed.

Also keep in mind that you should not inquire about a shoe order if it is still within the ship window of 7-10 business days.

Here are links to our manual and social media guide.


SocialMediaHandbook (1)

Here is a link to Hi-Res photos of our entire collection, as well as an order form you can print out for hard copies at your party (if there is no wifi for online orders). This is good if you want to make photo albums or other printed materials.

Hi-res photos

Order Form

If you would like to support your business by creating Facebook Lives or Youtube videos (great for SEO and recruitment), this example by our very own fibi & clo Fashion Leader, Nicole, is a great example.

Unboxing video Example 1

Here is one more example that is quite adorable as well.

Unboxing video Example 2

Thank you and best of luck on your journey!

Contact is

All photos and marketing materials can be found in our photo albums on our Agent Corporate Page. Click here and ask to join. Be sure to enter your upline’s name when prompted by Facebook.

If you’d like to follow along with AnaLiza and her family’s travel, where she gets her inspiration for the styles, follow her personal Instagram – HeyJetSetBaby

To follow fibi & clo’s Instagram, click here.

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  1. Damaris Figueroa

    Will check them and then send info


  3. Alicia Owenby

    I started and haven’t got a link to share for my personal page plz help when I login it says can’t find I put my number in for I’d and password

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