Agent Spotlight – Liz Polasek


fibi & clo will give you the platform to succeed… All we need from you in the commitment and passion. This testimonial is from an Agent who recently made the Fashion Leader rank and is well on her way to the Director rank. We are quite convinced she will be making significant revenue as we continue to grow. We love strong leaders and learners like Liz. Leaders must be willing to learn first. Keep in mind that Liz also works a full time job as a Sergeant in the Liberty County Police Force.

Here is what Liz had to say about her success.

I made it to Fashion Agent in less than a week after signing up! I’m super excited and Adriana asked to share some things that I’ve been doing.

First, I created a Facebook group. I personally individually messaged each friend or family member that I thought would love fibi & clo as much as I do. I told them a little about the shoes, and then asked them if they would like to join my group page, and shared the link with them. Most of the time they accepted. I try to make a post twice a day, and show them different things about the company or the shoes. I’ve stressed to my members that pictures do not do these shoes justice, and I’ve posted several videos showing the details and sparkle of the shoes. Below is an example of a video that I have posted.

I also listened to this last week’s conference call, and Jo has some pointers that I thought I would try. I’m currently hosting an online party that ends this Friday. I promoted my party link and informed them that they would be entered into a raffle for a pedicure at a salon of their choice if ordered by Friday. I also had a few customers who I knew wanted a shoe, but they were also waiting on the new styles to come out because they wanted to bundle the order. Yesterday, I messaged those customers privately and offered them free shipping on the shoe they wanted now, so that they could enjoy that shoe without having to wait to see the other styles. That promotion sold 5 shoes yesterday alone! I don’t plan on doing that often because it does cut into my commission, but it was what they needed to push them to complete their order before my online party ended. It also creates loyal customers who will purchase from me in the future.

I also work with mostly guys, and I’ve been showing them the collection and suggest they treat their wife 🤗 Adriana suggested that I offer to have it shipped to me and gift wrap it for them to make it extra special. After proving that to one of my male customers, he loved that idea and ordered right away.

There are more tips and videos that I plan to watch and try some different things later this week! I have been working on a business Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest page but those are not up yet. I hope some of these things may help someone get a boost in sales!

Good luck!



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