Agent Spotlight – Sherri Zummo

Sherri Zummo

For this spotlight we decided to share a testimonial written by Sherri herself. Thank you Sherri for sharing!


Nineteen years ago, my life took a path that wasn’t planned. At that time, I had a 4 year old daughter and worked a full time job. In May of 1998, I gave birth to my son and chaos instantly erupted. 

After a traumatic delivery that almost took my son’s life, I realized my life would never be the same. My new life became consumed with hospitals, surgeries, therapists, medical equipment, and with my transition to becoming a full time stay-at-home mom.

My son is profoundly deaf, autistic, intellectually disabled, legally blind and has significant medical issues. He has been through 28 surgeries in his 19 years of life.

Throughout the years I tried a couple part-time jobs in order to get out of the house while my son was at school, but my son’s health and unpredictable hospital stays made these jobs unsustainable.  I stopped working, and relied solely on my husband’s income to support our family. 

To make matters work, I was diagnosed with Lupus. I was at a low point, and I didn’t see how things would ever get better.

But then a miracle happened. I have a close circle of friends, and one of them had decided to join a small company called fibi & clo. I didn’t think much of it until she can for a visit, and happened to wear the Smoke Cascade sandals. It was love at first sight.  

I had never done direct sales, and until that point I didn’t have any interest in direct sales, but I started to ask my friend question after question. I decided to take the plunge. This opportunity provided me the flexibility I needed for my son, and it fit perfectly with my personality and with my passions.  

I remember vividly the first month that I joined… I was sitting in the kitchen at 2am working on the computer for my business. My husband walked into the kitchen and said,

“Why are you doing this, don’t you have enough stress in your life?”

I replied,

“You don’t understand, this is actually a stress relief for me. It gives me something to focus on outside of the life of a special needs mom. It has given me back a piece of the woman I once knew myself to be. This is something that is just for Sherri. This is fun, it’s sparkly, and the company’s atmosphere is filled with love and support. THIS is exactly what I NEED in my life.”

fibi & clo has been a blessing in my life, I am very passionate about our company and about what I do. I have made friendships with amazing women. I get to make money doing something I love, wearing something I love, amidst a company I love. All while still being the mom and advocate I will always need to be for the rest of my life.

Thank you fibi & clo ❤

Sherri Zummo Independent Fashion Leader

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