What does success look like?

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 12.12.25 PMWhoever told you there is such a thing as an overnight success was lying to you. If you’ve ever heard from someone that successful people are just lucky, that too is a lie. There is no secret to success, it’s just that the recipe for success is distasteful to most people, and that is why not everyone has it. Success is not an accident. It is hard work, perseverance, sacrifice, studying and trial and error. Success is also taking a leap of faith when most other people take the safe route.

When I relaunched fibi & clo, I brought forth into the world an opportunity for many people to become successful, and a new and refreshing way for consumers to purchase shoes and sandals. But I also told everyone who joined that this journey would be similar to climbing a mountain. Like with mountain climbing, the first part of the climb is fun and exciting, and your adrenaline is masking all the minor pains that your effort is bringing forth. However, the middle part is where it gets interesting, and when the initial excitement and adrenaline wear off. Those climbers who will reach the summit, like those entrepreneurs that will build a successful business, share one trait: they believe that if they continue taking the right steps, they will reach the peak. Those that are not successful are the ones that doubt their own strength, and the middle part of the climb,  and of building a business, becomes too hard and difficult, and they quit.

At fibi & clo we are right in the middle of an exciting climb. In 8 months we’ve proven to the world that our business model works, and we keep taking the right steps forward to become a massive company.

What do the people who reach the top look like? Well, take a look at this picture right here. These are the ladies that are hosting shoe parties and participating in vendor events. This year we only had about ten styles of sandals, but these ladies made magic happen with little. Next year we will have many times the amount of styles, as well as jewelry, more boots and new and exciting product lines.

It’s going to be a great view at the top. Care to join?

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